• Remakes, Remasters, and the Myth of Gamer Illegitimacy

    Remakes, Remasters, and the Myth of Gamer Illegitimacy6

    I often say that I’ve been playing games since I was a toddler, but that’s a lie. I grew up poor; we didn’t have money for luxuries like video games and especially not consoles, so while I trained my thumbs on Super Mario Bros. and spent countless hours exploring Donkey Kong Country, after that everything

  • Flipping the Narrator the Bird

    Flipping the Narrator the Bird0

    I’ve always been a master of “selective hearing.” As a child I was precociously opinionated—a trait that’s transformed into adjectives like “headstrong” and “assertive” as I’ve aged—and my innate love for contradiction meant there was a cold chance in hell that I would follow directions without asking at least one question (or spitting out my