• Con Diary: Bookmarked Takes On SDCC 2018

    Con Diary: Bookmarked Takes On SDCC 20180

    Hello lovely readers — it’s Paige,  your Bookmarked editor and Dark Horse Pubwatch writer here at WWAC! August marks a full year that I’ve been part of the site, and it’s been a truly joyous experience in my freelance career. One of my most memorable experiences thus far has been the recent opportunity to join

  • Jody Houser on Stranger Things and Licensed Works

    Jody Houser on Stranger Things and Licensed Works0

    Jody Houser is a busy woman in the world of comics, having just wrapped up a Thrawn miniseries at Marvel and about to launch a Stranger Things comic and a StarCraft title with Dark Horse, not mention her work with Valiant and DC. While her original worlds appear in short comics in anthologies, her primary professional focus has

  • Her Universe: Beyond the Runway

    Her Universe: Beyond the Runway0

    The Her Universe Fashion Show celebrated many milestones at this year’s SDCC event, held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, including its own fifth anniversary. The Nightmare Before Christmas’ 25th anniversary was commemorated with a dress designed by Andrew Maclaine, the 2014 fashion show winner. The dress is comprised of 500 Jack Skellington Funko POP! figures

  • MST3K Steps into Comics

    MST3K Steps into Comics0

    If she could, Felicia Day would want to step into a Care Bears comic book. Day, who plays mad scientist Kinga Forrester in the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 revival, decided this was the happier, safer option compared to jumping into superhero comics. Gotham City? Metropolis? Death traps! All of them!

  • DC PUBWATCH: SDCC and July Edition

    DC PUBWATCH: SDCC and July Edition0

    I spent last weekend in San Diego, attending as many DC-relevant panels as I could to gather information for you, dear readers. I was also invited to attend the DC Press Breakfasts, one of which turned into a cult initiation, but they gave me a snazzy robe, so all hail Tom King!

  • Licking the Face of God: John Allison Answers For Bad Machinery

    Licking the Face of God: John Allison Answers For Bad Machinery0

    Editor’s note: Ah, San Diego Comic Con. What a time, what a place! I’ve never been. But I have been caught up in the press of it all, getting interview sorted, then rearranged, then having to do them myself, then realising I should have done it yesterday by email. Ah, San Diego Comic Con… So