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BSG vs BSG #4 Cover B. Written by Peter David, Drawn by Edu Menna. Published by Dynamite Comics. April 18, 2014

BSG v BSG #4: Good Plot, But No Context

BSG vs BSG #4 Peter David (Writer), Edu Menna (Artist), Mohan (Colourist), Taylor Esposito (Letterer) Dynamite Comics 18 April, 2018 The original Battlestar Galactica has been sucked through a wormhole into a universe where they face… the reboot Battlestar Galactica. Following the OG-Galactica is the OG-Pegasus, bearing an alien called Kali who proclaims to be…

The Book of Joan

The Book of Joan Lidia Yuknavitch HarperCollins April 18, 2017 A review copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Better, more eloquent people than me have reviewed Lidia Yuknavitch’s latest novel, The Book of Joan. It’s been covered by Publishers Weekly, NPR, and the New York Times. For just about…