• WWE #9: Shield Me From My Brother [GIFs]

    WWE #9: Shield Me From My Brother [GIFs]0

    WWE #9 Dennis Hopeless (Writer) Serg Acuña (Artist) BOOM! Studios September 27, 2017 It’s the Big Dog’s turn to shine in WWE. Issue #9 starts the third arc of the series. After concentrating on Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, we naturally move on to Roman Reigns. We also move onto the character hardest to tackle.

  • BOOM! Bar: Rangers, Revenge, Regret

    BOOM! Bar: Rangers, Revenge, Regret0

    Hi-Fi Fight Club (BOOM! Box) develops its sweet and fresh central girl/girl romance, and starts to open up some of the secrets under the record shop. I don’t know how this story is gonna wrap up in only four issues, but it’s a very pretty book with an affirmational, welcoming perspective. We’ve got a longer feature