• Captain Britain Reading Diary 8: Twin Tales

    Captain Britain Reading Diary 8: Twin Tales1

    Upon her reemergence as a Captain Britain supporting character, Betsy Braddock retained little of her previous page character. Her blonde though changeable bob was now chest-length purple, worn in a half-up style that resembled a large cottage loaf, or a Portuguese man o’ war. Career-wise she was “still” a model, but no longer a charter

  • The Re-re-invention of Psylocke

    The Re-re-invention of Psylocke1

    In 1989, Chris Claremont and Jim Lee did a thing to Betsy Braddock, aka Psylocke. The white, British, purple-haired model, turned agent, turned X-Man, sister of Captain Britain, stepped through the Siege Perilous and was discovered by the Hand, who reshaped her into a Japanese woman. In 1993 on the pages of X-Men, Fabian Nicieza