• Analyzing The Nib’s “Vote or Else!”

    Analyzing The Nib’s “Vote or Else!”2

    Last week, The Nib ran a comic entitled Vote or Else!, which is the work of Filipino-American cartoonist and illustrator, Niccolo Pizarro. The comic, presented initially without context, paints voter registration efforts and their proponents as insensitive to the plights of marginalized peoples and ultimately as centrists who value civility over disruption. While it’s likely

  • Natty’s Fantasy Caste System Fails to Make a Political Statement

    Natty’s Fantasy Caste System Fails to Make a Political Statement0

    Natty Volume 1 and 2 Eric Corbeyran (Writer), Melvil (Artist), Kness (Colours), Celix Ltd (Letters) Europe Comics, izneo.com 21 June and 13 September, 2017 IZNEO HAS PROVIDED WWAC WITH A VIP ACCESS PASS. Princess Natty of Orchidhali is bored with her life. She lives on the top floor of an enormous palace, the people she rules

  • A Good Roundtable on The Good War

    A Good Roundtable on The Good War2

    “The Good War” is a comic collaboration between cartoonist Mike Dawson and MSNBC anchor and author Chris Hayes, examining how WWII nostalgia played a part in post-9/11 pop culture and political messaging. Published on The Nib, “The Good War” adapts Chris Hayes’ piece “The Good War on Terror,” published by In These Times in 2006