• Killers #2: Superninja Against Superninja!

    Killers #2: Superninja Against Superninja!0

    Killers #2 Fernando Dagnino (Artist), B Clay Moore (Writer), Jeff Powell (Letters), José Villarrubia (Colours) Valiant Comics 28 August, 2019 Last we saw of Desdemona Rush, a.k.a. Ninja-G, she was being thrown out a window by Roger Thorpe, a.k.a. Ninja-J. She survives and goes on the hunt for reinforcements, namely Raleigh Brewster, aka Ninja-F, a

  • Valiant Efforts: Your All-Valiant Monthly Catch-Up

    Valiant Efforts: Your All-Valiant Monthly Catch-Up0

    Valiant! PUBWATCH! Put’em together and what do you get? You get the Valiant PUBWATCH, which is where you are now. Exactly where you need to be, my darling. We’ll get onto short reviews of everything Valiant put on the shelves in October, to catch you up should you have missed anything, but as always we