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Another Day, Another White Guy at Marvel: Benedict Cumberbatch to play Dr. Strange

Well, Marvel made it official, Benedict Cumberbatch is billed to play Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange in the upcoming Dr. Strange movie. I’m caught in a mix of emotions ranging between mad, bitter, and disappointed. Mostly disappointed. I had hoped that Marvel execs’ statement at their last press conference denying Cumberbatch’s involvement in Dr. Strange, along…

Us Conductors Wins the Giller Prize

On Monday evening Canadian book lovers gathered to find out the results of the Giller Prize, the largest literary prize in Canada. Previous winners and the rest of Canada’s “literati” gathered at the Four Seasons Hotel, and “Giller Light” parties were held from coast to coast to watch the livestream of the ceremony. Due to…

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Over $70,000 raised for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) and Diamond Comics Distributors is happy to announce to this year’s membership and fundraising drive resulted in over 44o comic book specialty shops joining or renewing their memberships, raising over $70,000 to the cause. According to the Diamond’s press release, “Since the Retailer Membership program was launched in 2009, the number of…