• The Magik of New Mutants’ Illyana Rasputin

    The Magik of New Mutants’ Illyana Rasputin0

    When an image of a horned demonic girl in armor crossed my Twitter timeline in 2018, I felt drawn to her. Illyana Rasputin looks like an untamed demon and a battle hardened human. In the recent trailer for the New Mutants film, I feel like we see a glimpse of both demon and human in

  • New Mutants #6: Boom, Bang, Boom

    New Mutants #6: Boom, Bang, Boom0

    With New Mutants #6, the Dawn of X returns to Nebraska, where the young X-Men are in dire straits. The arrival of Boom Boom provides necessary relief, but even that isn’t enough to get Armor’s team home free. New Mutants comes back to Earth with this new issue from Brisson, Flaviano, Lopez, Lanham, and Muller,

  • New Mutants #5: Space, The Final Frontier

    New Mutants #5: Space, The Final Frontier0

    In the fifth issue of Jonathan Hickman and Rod Reis’s New Mutants, the team’s space mission encounters real space danger, as the New Mutants go head-to-head with the Shi’ar Death Commandos. Dawn of X’s space saga hurtles ahead and the New Mutants entangle themselves in more interstellar political turmoil than anyone expected from a simple

  • Last Week’s Episode: God’s In Good Hands

    Last Week’s Episode: God’s In Good Hands0

    We’re back! And I say ‘we’ because starting this month this column will be rotating between a few different writers, so you’ll get to sample some new and exciting perspectives into comic book shows, movies, and more.

  • New Mutants #4: Ugh, Nebraska

    New Mutants #4: Ugh, Nebraska0

    In New Mutants #4, the young X-Men assembled by Armor in the previous issue are in trouble in Pilger, Nebraska. In the second issue of this storyline in the Dawn of X title, the young New Mutants face down high stakes with lives on the line, in a straightforward conflict with the villains of this

  • New Mutants #3: Newer than New Mutants

    New Mutants #3: Newer than New Mutants0

    Writer Ed Brisson takes the wheel from Jonathan Hickman in New Mutants #3, kicking off the first earthbound arc of the book with Flaviano, Carlos Lopez, Travis Lanham, and Tom Muller. While Sunspot and the original New Mutants stumble into intergalactic political intrigue off-world, Armor assembles a Krakoan team drawing from multiple generations of newer