• Marvelous MoCCA Mini Roundup

    Marvelous MoCCA Mini Roundup0

    Going to the annual Museum of Comics and Cartoon Arts fest is nostalgic for me. I remember so many venues this con has used over the years, and recall so fondly the sense of excitement and discovery in finding quirky little photocopied mini comics, sold directly to me by their creators. Over a decade ago,

  • A Weekend at MoCCAFest

    A Weekend at MoCCAFest0

    The last time I went to MoCCAFest, it was in the 69th Regiment Armory, on Lexington Ave between 25th and 26th. The building is old and solid, red brick and wood, unique and unmistakable, like the comics I found in it. I came across the show accidentally in 2012 and then returned on purpose in