• Comic Looks: The Business of Office Cosplay

    Comic Looks: The Business of Office Cosplay0

    I love cosplay. I admire the work many people put into elaborate and creative costumes and would love to do this myself but for two important factors: I lack such creativity and skill. I am lazy. But I still like to play dress up and fly my geek colours. We have had several stealth cosplay

  • Comic Looks: Karoline

    Comic Looks: Karoline0

    I have two pairs of leggings packed with sound words, panel fragments, screen tone bits, and some body parts/heads in this typical US-Superhero style. They’re from a European clothing store chain called “New Yorker.” In fact, it’s the same model in monochrome and in bright colors, the “manga version” and the “comic version,” kind of.

  • Comic Looks: Stacey’s Nerdy T-Shirts

    Comic Looks: Stacey’s Nerdy T-Shirts0

    I’ve never been much into fashion for myself, in the sense that, whilst I love clothes and designer dresses and am nigh-on obsessed with watching those Next Top Model shows just for the styling, I’ve never really sat and thought about styling myself. I think this is partly because I’ve never been rich enough to