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Addiction, Self-injury, and Women In Comics

Trigger Warning: This post discusses drug addiction, self-injury, and other mental health issues. In September, DC landed itself in some seriously hot water when a proposal went out for artists to draw Harley Quinn naked and attempting to electrocute herself in the bathtub. The proposal, dreamed up by series writer Jimmy Palmiotti, drew quick condemnation…

State of Marvel Roundtable–Part One

Marvel romance, mental health, and motherhood. Megan Purdy Bendis is off Avengers! Marvel’s partnering with Disney-owned Hyperion to put out romance novels! Miles Morales is super popular! It’s a (brand new) day! Maybe. With Captain Marvel, Fearless Defenders, the all female X-Men, and the upcoming She-Hulk and Rogue romance novels, Marvel is putting its female…