• Captain Britain Reading Diary 10: Howl at the Moon

    Captain Britain Reading Diary 10: Howl at the Moon0

    The last period of Captain Britain’s hometown publication is split three ways: Alan Davis and reserve writers, Alan Davis and Jamie Delano, and Alan Davis going solo. It’s the most lastingly recognisable segment of superhero comics in Captain Britain’s history—it combines an unhappy hero with family drama and romantic tension, villainy from within and maimings

  • Distilled Essence: Alcoholism in Excalibur

    Distilled Essence: Alcoholism in Excalibur0

    A while ago I was listening to a podcast on the drive to work, and in it, the hosts took time to discuss the very first Excalibur story The Sword Is Drawn. It’s a great book, and the start of an even greater series, but I’d rather leave the discussion of the overall story to