• The Wedding Issue: Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker

    The Wedding Issue: Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker3

    Aside from “Who would win in a fight?” nothing gets comic fans more heated than the question of whether or not superheroes should marry. In this mini-feature, recent Bride Rebecca Henely-Weiss and her Maid of Honor Kayleigh Hearn take a trip down memory lane to the most significant times comic companies took the plunge and

  • The Ballad of Peter Parker: Hannah Blumenreich’s Spidey Zine

    The Ballad of Peter Parker: Hannah Blumenreich’s Spidey Zine0

    Back in March, a bunch of people on Twitter retweeted a comic. What caught my attention wasn’t that it was a comic — I see a ton of short comics/illustrations every day — but that so many people retweeted it in such a short time. So I clicked on it… https://twitter.com/hannahblmnrch/status/708445047369256960 this is aces https://t.co/mjcqmNLd2J —

  • Top 10: Hair. Ladies. Ladies’ Hair (Marvel)2

    • November 4, 2013

    Soon I will need to trim my hair, and so bouffants are on my mind. I don’t know about you, but eighty-five percent of my hairspiration comes from comics & comics’ surrounding suburbs. Right now I’m rocking a grown-out Major Kusanagi, f’rex. Two (three?) years ago I did the Rogue Fringe thing. Anyway there are a

  • Love, Marriage, and its Place in Comics4

    • September 9, 2013

    I love comic books but sometimes the industry makes me want to cry. I’m sure you’ve heard the news but, if not, read it and weep with me (note: J.H. Williams III blogged about it on his site but due to high traffic, the site is down as of this writing). There are a number

  • Marvel Roundtable–part two0

    Mary Jane, Miles, and the diversity dance in comics. Megan Purdy In part one of WWAC’s Marvel Roundtable, I talked to Skalja of @#$% Yeah, Spider-Wife!, Corrina Lawson of Geek Mom, RonchRonchRonch, and webcomic creator Indigo, about romance, mental health, and motherhood. In part two, we talk about Superior Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, and more generally,

  • State of Marvel Roundtable–Part One0

    Marvel romance, mental health, and motherhood. Megan Purdy Bendis is off Avengers! Marvel’s partnering with Disney-owned Hyperion to put out romance novels! Miles Morales is super popular! It’s a (brand new) day! Maybe. With Captain Marvel, Fearless Defenders, the all female X-Men, and the upcoming She-Hulk and Rogue romance novels, Marvel is putting its female