• Marauders #7: Hold Your Breath

    Marauders #7: Hold Your Breath0

    The White Queen was noticeably missing from the last issue. In Marauders #7, it’s the Red Queen that’s absent, which is extremely disconcerting since the last time we saw her, she was drowning on the precipice of permanent death.

  • New Mutants #6: Boom, Bang, Boom

    New Mutants #6: Boom, Bang, Boom0

    With New Mutants #6, the Dawn of X returns to Nebraska, where the young X-Men are in dire straits. The arrival of Boom Boom provides necessary relief, but even that isn’t enough to get Armor’s team home free. New Mutants comes back to Earth with this new issue from Brisson, Flaviano, Lopez, Lanham, and Muller,

  • X-Men #5: Lip Synch For Your Life

    X-Men #5: Lip Synch For Your Life0

    “It’s done.” Those are the first words of House of X #3, spoken by Cyclops after he’s assembled a team of X-Men for a critically important mission. X-Men #5 opens with a scene that doesn’t echo this moment but challenges it, showing the normally self-assured leader stricken by doubt. “What have I done?” Cyclops wants

  • X-Force #6: Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum

    X-Force #6: Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum0

    The mutants’ very own CIA continue their exploits in X-Force #6, stopping an attempted…Santa assassination? OR DO THEY.

  • Excalibur #6: Hail to the King, Baby

    Excalibur #6: Hail to the King, Baby0

    Excalibur #6 begins with a resurrection, jumping directly into action as the story forges ahead. The X-Men meet D&D in this issue as the team returns to Otherworld on a rescue mission, and finds themselves caught up in a war for the throne they didn’t anticipate. To rescue Brian Braddock, Excalibur travels further into the

  • January Marvel Pubwatch

    January Marvel Pubwatch0

    And we’re back! The holidays got the best of me but New Year and New Comics! Let’s get right down into some news and reviews.