• Questioning Chelsea Cain’s Feminist Agenda

    Questioning Chelsea Cain’s Feminist Agenda12

    It’s not breaking news that Chelsea Cain, author of Marvel’s Mockingbird, has seen her share of criticism lately for her new comic, Man-Eaters, published by Image Comics. Hailed by some as feminist critique, numerous aspects of Man-Eaters have also been slammed by critics for being insensitive to various groups of people. Cain has acknowledged these

  • 8 Current Comics Starring Empowered Girls

    8 Current Comics Starring Empowered Girls1

    It’s safe to say that most of our readers firmly believe in the importance of representation in comics, and the significance of seeing yourself and your experiences reflected in the media you love. It’s no surprise, then, that comics featuring empowered female characters are often the ones that inspire girls the most. In fact, a

  • Man-Eaters #1: A Beast is in the Heart

    Man-Eaters #1: A Beast is in the Heart0

    Man-Eaters #1 Chelsea Cain (writer), Joe Caramagna (letterer), Stella Greenvoss (additional interior art), Kate Niemczyk (pencils & inks), Rachelle Rosenberg (colorist) Image Comics September 26, 2018 Two years ago, Cain, Caramagna, Niemczyk, and Rosenberg created one of my favorite comics in recent memory, Mockingbird, which took a B-list (and powerless) Avenger and made her into a