• Strange Magic: Sabrina the Teenage Witch #1

    Strange Magic: Sabrina the Teenage Witch #10

    Sabrina the Teenage Witch #1 Veronica and Andy Fish (artists), Jack Morelli (letterer), Kelly Thompson (writer) Archie Comics March 27, 2019 Every teenager has at one point wished they could magically make a mean girl go splat into a big pile of mud, but Sabrina Spellman has that power. She’s a witch, of course—a teenage

  • Blackwood: Magical Monster Mayhem

    Blackwood: Magical Monster Mayhem0

    Blackwood Evan Dorkin (Writer), Veronica Fish (Artist), Andy Fish (Artist and Letters) Dark Horse Comics 12 December, 2018 Howard Ogden, Dean of Blackwood College, sits within his cold, dark office writing a note to his friend, Russell Colby. Ogden has hidden secrets from Colby, secrets about the college, about himself, about what he has unwittingly

  • Valiant Efforts: Your All-Valiant Monthly Catch-Up

    Valiant Efforts: Your All-Valiant Monthly Catch-Up0

    Valiant! PUBWATCH! Put’em together and what do you get? You get the Valiant PUBWATCH, which is where you are now. Exactly where you need to be, my darling. We’ll get onto short reviews of everything Valiant put on the shelves in October, to catch you up should you have missed anything, but as always we

  • Dangerous Curves Ahead: Backways #5

    Dangerous Curves Ahead: Backways #51

    Backways #5 Justin Jordan (co-creator, writer), Eleonora Carlini (co-creator, artist), Silvia Tildei (colorist), Marshall Dillon (letterer) Aftershock comics May 2018 In the final installment of its “All the Forgotten Things” arc, Backways answers the question of whether newly-discovered whisperer (someone who can talk to the dead) Anna will rescue her girlfriend Sylvia from the grasp

  • Showtime: It’s Magic, There Is No Trick

    Showtime: It’s Magic, There Is No Trick0

    Showtime Antoine Cossé Breakdown Press September 2017 This comic does such a good job of simulating the wanderings of an engrossed but unanchored mind that is back engineers the relaxation of sensory deprivation into your reading body. Your brain is tricked so thorgouhly into accepting the dream that it does some of the work of

  • The Calling of Witchcraft: Witch Movies and Teenage Girls

    The Calling of Witchcraft: Witch Movies and Teenage Girls0

    If you ever hang out with 30-something pagans, you will quickly learn that The Craft (1996) was a lightbulb moment for many of them. When The Craft came out, it had a significant impact on the witch community, because it based the practices in the movie in real life practices. Pat Devin, a Dianic High