• REVIEW: Hellions #2: Who’s Bleeding?

    REVIEW: Hellions #2: Who’s Bleeding?0

    Our team of severely broken people arrives at the State Home for Foundlings and things get unbelievably messy in Hellions #2. Well, messier, because let’s be honest, things were already messy for this group of chaos engines.

  • Cover Girl: Hellions #3

    Cover Girl: Hellions #30

    Welcome to Cover Girls. Each month, we gather a team of WWAC contributors to analyze a new and notable comic book cover featuring one or more women. This month, Kayleigh, Nola, Cori, and Wendy share their thoughts on the cover of Hellions #3 by Steven Segovia and Rain Beredo for Marvel Comics.

  • X-Men Book Club: Justice for Madelyne Pryor

    X-Men Book Club: Justice for Madelyne Pryor1

    Madelyne Pryor first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #168 as a seemingly normal woman who bore an uncanny (ha) resemblance to the dead X-Man Jean Grey. Jean’s lover Cyclops rushed to marry Madelyne and had a child with her, but abandoned them both when Jean returned from the dead. Madelyne allied herself with the X-Men for