• Indigenous Sci-Fi: 3 Takes on ABC’s Cleverman

    Indigenous Sci-Fi: 3 Takes on ABC’s Cleverman1

    Cleverman is a new Australian sci-fi/fantasy series that draws upon indigenous Australian (aboriginal) mythology. Collider called it “District 9 with werewolves instead of aliens,” and The New York Times characterized it as “sci-fi with a social conscience.” The series  just premiered on ABC TV in Australia and Sundance TV in the US to favorable reviews

  • The Feminization of Bucky Barnes

    The Feminization of Bucky Barnes12

    In case you haven’t noticed, women really like the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Bucky Barnes. Surprisingly, the direct question of “why?” does not seem to have been asked, which suggests that the question of “what women want” isn’t actually something men are that interested in after all. However, after discussing this with other women and analyzing

  • 14 Ways Movie Adaptations Sabotage Themselves

    14 Ways Movie Adaptations Sabotage Themselves8

    • June 3, 2016

    A staggering 57% of movies in released in the last five years were sequels, reboots or adaptations. That means that only 43% of Hollywood movies released in that five year period were based on original ideas. An average of 57 movies in each of those given years were adaptations. And a lot of them sucked.