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Knit Your Comics Banner, comic by Rachael Anderson

Knit Your Comics: A Pussyhat of Steel

I’ve been a big fan of the Supergirl TV show since it started.  I’ve always been a Supers > Bats person, and few people embody the spirit of the Supers the way this show is allowed to. It’s been my weekly joy for two seasons now, although less so now that James and Kara aren’t…

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Budget Zombie Cosplay Make-up

When I think of SFX makeup, generally my first thought is a wide array of expensive products and various techniques that come together to create a stunning visual effect. Then I remember that I’m a student on a budget with no time for professional classes. However, as I have shown in previous articles, there is…

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Where In the World is Bodhi Rook?

2016 started off as a farcical mess of a year and quickly descended into something much more awful than anyone anticipated. Despite this, however, I have tried to remain hopeful–after all, this is the future where we get a new Star Wars movie every year. That is one bright spot in the sea of troubles…

How to Build Your Own Geek Terrarium

Building a terrarium is easy, peaceful, and can give you a piece of mindfulness that you’ll never expect to have. I wanted to build my first terrarium after reading Amy Parish’s zine Terrarium – Give Yourself Room to Grow. It was the perfect jumping off point for me to dive into terrariums, mindfulness, and self-care…