• Knit Your Comics: Garnet’s Gauntlets

    Knit Your Comics: Garnet’s Gauntlets3

    Knit Your Comics returns with a special pattern for all my fellow crystal gems. True confession: I’d never watched Steven Universe until I started this project. I’d crowdsourced for KYC ideas and someone mentioned the show, and the project seemed doable. But I needed a show to watch while working on this project, and so I put

  • Knit Your Comics: Wonder Woman Bootliners

    Knit Your Comics: Wonder Woman Bootliners3

    Before we get to this month’s pattern, I have to pause and celebrate for a minute, because Knit Your Comics was featured in Bitch Planet #7! I’m incredibly grateful to Lauren Sankovitch, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Laurenn McCubbin for contacting me about featuring the pattern as part of #Bitchcraft, and also letting me add a

  • Knit Your Comics: Sexy Deadpool Banana Hammock

    Knit Your Comics: Sexy Deadpool Banana Hammock2

    Some ideas are just too good not to do. I was brainstorming Deadpool-related ideas for February’s Knit Your Comics with our Editor-in-Chief. Since the column comes out just a few days after the movie’s release, and I kind of have had a crush on Ryan Reynolds since Blade: Trinity, and I have watched many a