• The Wicked + The Divine Christmas Annual is Ho-Ho-Hot

    The Wicked + The Divine Christmas Annual is Ho-Ho-Hot0

    The Wicked + The Divine: Christmas Annual Kieron Gillen (Writer and Creator), Jamie McKelvie (Creator), Clayton Cowles (Letterer) Image Comics December 13, 2017 Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s The Wicked + The Divine started with the story in progress, and already steering towards the depths of sadness and pain that this series would bring. Most

  • London Super Comic Con Interview – Kieron Gillen

    London Super Comic Con Interview – Kieron Gillen0

    The last of my LSCC interviews is with Kieron Gillen: comics playlist compiler, prolific Tweeter, author of Über, Young Avengers, the Phonogram series, Three, that run of Journey into Mystery, the upcoming The Wicked and the Divine (and much more), and, of course, 2014 GLAAD award recipient (for Young Avengers). I had originally intended to conduct

  • Keiron Gillen On the Treatment of Rape In His Alt-WW2 Comic Über0

    • April 9, 2014

    From our upcoming feature interview with Kieron Gillen: This is World War II, and there were over one million rapes in central Berlin, and the fact is this was just really how it is. I’ve never written a page more carefully than that third page, because this cannot be exploitative, this cannot be titillating. In