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Mouse Guard: Swords & Strongholds Swings onto Kickstarter

Comic readers and board gamers alike rejoice! Mouse Guard creator David Peterson has collaborated with Luke Crane to bring the game Mouse Guard: Swords & Strongholds, a game from the Eisner Award winning series, to Kickstarter. Peterson and Crane, who previously collaborated to create an RPG based on the Mouse Guard series, describe Swords &…

Feature image, public domain, Future World Comics, George W. Dougherty Publishing Company, www.comicbookplus.com

July All Ages Comics/Books

Here are the cool books hitting the shelves for the young and young at heart this July. Scooby Doo Team Up #5 Sholly Fisch (W) Dario Brizuela (A) DC Comics Release Date 7/2 Daphne and Velma must complete their Amazon training to help protect Wonder Woman’s homeland from spooky monsters. Zoinks! Squish #6: Fear the…

Marvel Tales 128

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Rom: Space Knight (early issues) Written by Bill Mantil and drawn by Sal Buscema Oh, Rom. You and your melodramatic rants over your lost humanity, your inability to have children, your desire to get into Brandy’s pants. I would never imagined a comic based on a badly designed toy could capture the emotional range of…


June Staff Picks: Comics

High Crimes #7 Christoper Sebela (W) and Ibrahim Moustafa (A) Monkeybrain Comics Finally, this Eisner-nominated digital comic has a new issue!  The series revolves around two of my favorite things: Mount Everest and crime. What may sound like a ridiculous pitch becomes a taut thrilling story with fascinating characters in an environment just as likely…

Kids Comic Award Nominees

The Second Annual Kids Comic Awards will take place at this year’s Kid’s Read Comics! in Ann Arbor, Michigan on June 21st. It’s exciting to see some of the nominees on the list (hello Fairy Tale Comics, The Big Wet Balloon, and Gronk). What are everyone’s thoughts on the nominees? Were any great kid’s comics…