• Supergirl 101: Who is Superwoman?

    Supergirl 101: Who is Superwoman?1

    Who Is Superwoman? Sterling Gates (Writer), Jamal Igle, Matthew Clark, Talent Caldwell, Fernando Dagino (Pencillers), Keith Champagne, Matthew Clark, Jan Sibal, Talent Caldwell, Raul Fernandez (Inkers), Nei Ruffino, Tom Chu (Colors), Jared K. Fletcher, Rob Leigh (Letters), Joshua Middleton (Cover Artist) DC Comics Sept 2016  

  • TV to Comics: Who is Supergirl?

    TV to Comics: Who is Supergirl?0

    Most of us know the basics. Supergirl is Superman’s cousin from Krypton, another survivor from that doomed planet. But who is she really? This is a question I’ve been asked many times since the TV show premiered two years ago, along with “Where do I start?” This column will help to answer both those questions,