• DC PUBWATCH – August 2019 Edition

    DC PUBWATCH – August 2019 Edition1

    The only big news of this month’s DC Pubwatch is that G. Willow Wilson is leaving Wonder Woman with October’s issue #81, giving us four more issues under her pen. Set to replace her for at least a six issue arc is Steve Orlando, who wrote issues #51-55 of the series before Wilson came on.

  • Dear Justice League, Can I Read Some More?

    Dear Justice League, Can I Read Some More?0

    Dear Justice League Wes Abbott (letterer), Gustavo Duarte (artist), Marcelo Maiolo (colorist), Michael Northrop (writer) DC Zoom (a DC Comics imprint) August 6, 2019 In March 2015, I hosted a Gotham Academy roundtable featuring five book bloggers. We discussed their limited experience with comics, whether the series was great for newbies, and if they would

  • DC PUBWATCH June 2019 Edition

    DC PUBWATCH June 2019 Edition0

    This was a big month for DC Comics news, and more so for three of the company’s imprints. It was announced last week that the rumors are indeed true, and at the end of the year, DC will be retiring the Vertigo label. This shutters that mature reader imprint after twenty-six years, and only a

  • DC Universe Expands Its Comic Selection With One Notable Exception

    DC Universe Expands Its Comic Selection With One Notable Exception3

    When the DC Universe streaming service launched last year, what could have been its biggest strength wound up being its biggest weakness. For years, Marvel has been expanding their own Marvel Unlimited service and it currently contains a large swath of their published material. When DC announced DC Universe, many assumed it was going to

  • DC Comics PUBWATCH – April 2019 Edition

    DC Comics PUBWATCH – April 2019 Edition0

    The biggest news this month for DC Comics was the full-on committal of the company to getting their comics on the DC Universe App. At Wonder Con it was announced that soon they’d have their entire digital catalog (with a twelve-month delay for new issues) on the platform, and they’re doing their best to make

  • DC PUBWATCH – March 2019 and Emerald City Comic Con

    DC PUBWATCH – March 2019 and Emerald City Comic Con0

    For the news this month, it’s something a little different. I was privileged enough to attend this month’s Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington, and spent a weekend attending the various DC Comics related panels and live interviews with SyFy. I’m going to give you a brief rundown of those four panels and interviews.