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Gaze Into the Fist of Dredd

Judge Anderson Makes Her IDW Debut

This August, IDW will expand its Judge Dredd universe with upcoming series Judge Anderson: Psi-Division, which chronicles the early adventures of Mega-City One’s favorite telepathic Judge. Written by 2000AD editor Matt Smith with Carl Critchlow on art, the series takes place before IDW’s main Judge Dredd title. The first story arc, “King of the Six…

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Judge Dredd: We Are The Law

My road to comics fandom has been a surprisingly short but busy one. Granted, I started reading Batman/Detective as a child, but only started reading Hawkeye and Young Avengers after the Marvel NOW! launch. Similarly, I took a chance on the comical grotesquery of Chew in 2011 mostly because I felt guilty about not reading…