• 4 Reasons to Love Andy Kubert’s X-Men Covers

    4 Reasons to Love Andy Kubert’s X-Men Covers0

    When Andy Kubert took over the reins on X-Men and Uncanny X-Men during my ’90s comic collecting days, I developed a love-hate relationship with his artwork. I was always frustrated by the same face syndrome he displayed in his art and by his weirdly disproportionate appendages, with knees that seemed to take up far more

  • X-Men: Red #10: “@#$% You, Humanity”

    X-Men: Red #10: “@#$% You, Humanity”0

    X-Men: Red #10 Tom Taylor (Writer), Roge Antonio (Artist), Rain Beredo (Colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (Letterer) Marvel Comics November 7, 2018 The penultimate issue of X-Men: Red begins with a curse that every X-Men fan must have uttered at some point: “@#$% you, humanity.” Shockingly, we see Jean Grey, of all mutants, making that explosive

  • Monthly Marvel Muster: Going Weekly

    Monthly Marvel Muster: Going Weekly1

    Welcome to Monthly Marvel Muster, as we look back on January. This column we have two character resurrections, the start of the much-hyped weekly Avengers: No Surrender, and a whole lot of miniseries and one-shots. Marvel had no new ongoing comics in January, but made up for it with five new miniseries and five one-shots.

  • Monthly Marvel Muster: Ring Out the Dead Year

    Monthly Marvel Muster: Ring Out the Dead Year1

    Hello, I’m back with a backward-looking edition of Monthly Marvel Muster. This month I have a look at how Marvel chose to close out 2017, as well as a note about some of what to expect in 2018. It continues to be a slow turnover period for Marvel’s ongoing series right now. December brought one

  • Phoenix Fashion: Jean Grey’s Costumes, Ranked

    Phoenix Fashion: Jean Grey’s Costumes, Ranked3

    This month sees the return of the original Jean Grey—not a clone, not a woman from another universe, not a time-displaced teenager—to the pages of Marvel Comics after nearly fifteen years. It’s been a long wait for fans of the original X-Woman, but as excitement mounts for Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey and we

  • Monthly Marvel Muster: Flux!

    Monthly Marvel Muster: Flux!2

    Welcome to Monthly Marvel Muster! It’s a new column where I’ll be taking a monthly look at some of what’s going on in the Marvel Comics universe – both the big events and the smaller stories – and highlighting some of my favourite series and creators. Let’s catch up. July was something of a transitionary