• Dark Phoenix Lights a Candle for the End of an Era

    Dark Phoenix Lights a Candle for the End of an Era0

    Dark Phoenix Simon Kinberg (writer & director), Mauro Fiore (cinematographer) James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Sophie Turner, Jessica Chastain (cast) June 7, 2019 Some plot spoilers follow. The X-Men films have spent years apologizing for their despised third installment, X-Men: The Last Stand, which among its sins turned The Dark Phoenix Saga—the

  • Vampire Dark Phoenix?! Jean Grey’s Weirdest Transformations

    Vampire Dark Phoenix?! Jean Grey’s Weirdest Transformations0

    Jean Grey. We know her as Marvel Girl, Black Queen, Phoenix, and just plain Jean. She’s had a lot of costumes, codenames, and transformations over the years, most famously when she became the world-destroyer known as Dark Phoenix. The Dark Phoenix Saga looms large in the memories of X-Men fans as a story of triumph

  • Phoenix Rising: Kayleigh Hearn on X-Men’s Jean Grey

    Phoenix Rising: Kayleigh Hearn on X-Men’s Jean Grey0

    Redheads have a special place in our hearts here at WWAC, and one redhead in particular is the favourite of our favourite Reviews Editor, Kayleigh Hearn. Leading up to the latest X-Men film, Dark Phoenix, starring Sophie Turner as the titular character, Kayleigh has some thoughts to share on the rise and fall and rise

  • 4 Reasons to Love Andy Kubert’s X-Men Covers

    4 Reasons to Love Andy Kubert’s X-Men Covers0

    When Andy Kubert took over the reins on X-Men and Uncanny X-Men during my ’90s comic collecting days, I developed a love-hate relationship with his artwork. I was always frustrated by the same face syndrome he displayed in his art and by his weirdly disproportionate appendages, with knees that seemed to take up far more

  • X-Men: Red #10: “@#$% You, Humanity”

    X-Men: Red #10: “@#$% You, Humanity”0

    X-Men: Red #10 Tom Taylor (Writer), Roge Antonio (Artist), Rain Beredo (Colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (Letterer) Marvel Comics November 7, 2018 The penultimate issue of X-Men: Red begins with a curse that every X-Men fan must have uttered at some point: “@#$% you, humanity.” Shockingly, we see Jean Grey, of all mutants, making that explosive

  • Monthly Marvel Muster: Going Weekly

    Monthly Marvel Muster: Going Weekly1

    Welcome to Monthly Marvel Muster, as we look back on January. This column we have two character resurrections, the start of the much-hyped weekly Avengers: No Surrender, and a whole lot of miniseries and one-shots. Marvel had no new ongoing comics in January, but made up for it with five new miniseries and five one-shots.