• How to Host Bookishly

    How to Host Bookishly1

    If you are reading anything on this site, you probably like books. This is a bit of a stretch, I’ll admit, but you may also like people too? Let’s get really wild here: you might even like your home, especially comfy spots like your living room sofa. Personally, I like reading, and people, and even

  • So You’re Making a Comic – A Flowchart Explainer On The Direct Market

    So You’re Making a Comic – A Flowchart Explainer On The Direct Market0

    The Direct Market was the name given to the distribution channel that stocked the shelves of the fledgling comic shop network in the 1970s. It was “direct” because the books were shipped from printers straight to the stores on a non-returnable basis, bypassing messy corporate newsstand distributors. Over time, different companies have helped to supply

  • Budget Zombie Cosplay Make-up

    Budget Zombie Cosplay Make-up0

    When I think of SFX makeup, generally my first thought is a wide array of expensive products and various techniques that come together to create a stunning visual effect. Then I remember that I’m a student on a budget with no time for professional classes. However, as I have shown in previous articles, there is

  • DIY Geeky Gifts: Sparkly Hair Fascinators

    DIY Geeky Gifts: Sparkly Hair Fascinators0

    • December 21, 2016

    Looking to add a little sparkle to your holiday gift giving? Then these fun hair fascinators are for you. I originally delved into the world of hair fascinators as a fun way to be found across the convention floor. You can make them low-key for every day wear or, like me, as something fancy for

  • Knit Your Comics: Harley Quinn Fingerless Gloves

    Knit Your Comics: Harley Quinn Fingerless Gloves0

    It’s that time of year when holidays are happening, and as a knitter, I love the holidays as an excuse to knit presents for my friends. This project is one that was essentially commissioned by WWAC staff, and all around badass, Wendy Browne.

  • Craft Your Comics: Wonder Woman Clothespin Ornaments

    Craft Your Comics: Wonder Woman Clothespin Ornaments0

    Ornaments have always been a big part of my family’s Christmas traditions: my brother, sister, and I each have plastic tubs full of the ornaments we’ve been gifted over the years, and my mother has been hand-making ornaments for us and for friends and family for as long as I can remember.