• DC PUBWATCH – October 2019 Edition

    DC PUBWATCH – October 2019 Edition0

    The biggest news in this month’s DC Pubwatch came out of New York Comic Con, the last big show of con season. For DC Universe news, Dan DiDio and Jim Lee revealed a “cohesive” timeline for the universe, which included Wonder Woman being the first superhero. We’ll find more about the timeline in coming months,

  • WWACommendations: X-Men vs. Vampires, Emily Carroll, Harleen, Chronin

    WWACommendations: X-Men vs. Vampires, Emily Carroll, Harleen, Chronin0

    Happy October! What comics are you reading lately? October is my favorite month, not just because of Halloween, but fall activities like soccer, marching band, drinking apple cider, and hearing the crunch of fallen leaves on a walking path. Do you have favorite spooky or horror comics you’ve read lately? Let us know on Twitter!

  • DC PUBWATCH – September 2019 Edition

    DC PUBWATCH – September 2019 Edition1

    The biggest news of this month’s DC Pubwatch is the further expansion of the Black Label line with another addition to Frank Miller’s Dark Knight canon (why?!), and Daniel Warren Johnson’s Wonder Woman: Dead Earth. We also got news of James Tynion IV’s “Year of the Villain” spin-off tied to the Infected and the Batman

  • Last Week’s Episode: Ser BriEmmy of Tarth

    Last Week’s Episode: Ser BriEmmy of Tarth0

    This past weekend was San Diego Comic Con, which had quite the contingent of WWAC folks in attendance, but not me! So here’s a mix of the stuff I found most interesting and, of course, non-SDCC news, as though the world continued outside of the convention center.

  • Heroes in Crisis: Just More Tragedy Porn

    Heroes in Crisis: Just More Tragedy Porn1

    Heroes In Crisis #1 Tom King (writer), Clay Mann (artist), Tomeu Morey (colors), Clayton Cowles (letters), Clay Mann and Tomeu Morey (cover), J.G. Jones and Paul Mounts, Francesco Mattina, Mark Brooks, Ryan Sook (variant covers) DC Comics September 26, 2018 Spoilers below for Heroes In Crisis #1. When Heroes In Crisis was announced, I was

  • DC PUBWATCH: the Solicitation Situation

    DC PUBWATCH: the Solicitation Situation0

    So, I’ve been behind on getting you guys Rebirth Roundups, and I apologize on that front. I’ll be coming back soon, with a slightly revised format, but for now I want to talk about all the big changes coming in June from DC Comics. Lots of titles are changing hands, and most for the better.