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Archie Riverdale Rescue

Game Review: Riverdale Rescue

Archie Riverdale Rescue Developer: Gogii Games Corp. Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, PC Though I was exposed to computer games at an early age, I don’t claim a gamer identity. As a youngster, I had an unhealthy obsession with games. I was the brat who would pout and refuse to play if I realized there was…

Game Review: Child of Light

January is Amnesty Month! We’re writing about things we missed in 2014. Child of Light Developer: Ubisoft Montreal Publisher: Ubisoft Platforms: PC, Playstation 3/4/Vita, XBox 360/One, WiiU Just a month after the maligned and female-less co-op mode launch of Assassin’s Creed Unity, another development team at Ubisoft Montreal was celebrating some great news: the “playable…

Game Review: The Deep Forest

The Deep Forest is a role-playing game based on the idea that a group of monsters have driven off the humans and reclaimed their land. They have one year before the Heroes will return, and the monster’s time will end. Until then, it is the monster’s opportunity to make the area their own.

7-Minute Superhero Workout: A Review

Lifestyle writers and WWAC Warriors Meredith and Kate set out to compare and contrast their experiences with the 7-minute Superhero Workout, available on both iOS and Android for $2.99. The app is by Six to Start, the company that made Zombies, Run!. Six to Start’s apps specialize in combining fitness with a compelling storyline. Playing the apps feels a…

Game Review: To The Moon

To the Moon Freebird Games PC, Mac, Linux 2011 “Let’s just say a bunch of sappy cheese sorted itself out.” – Dr. Neil Watts I’ve been meaning to play To The Moon for a while, and in the rush to try to publish this piece for Dec. 25th, I’ll admit that I have spent too…