• A Flame Con Chat With Jen Bartel: Artist, Businesswoman, Superhero

    A Flame Con Chat With Jen Bartel: Artist, Businesswoman, Superhero0

    Talk to anyone in the comics industry and they will share with you one common thread: the help of others to get them to where they are today. Eisner-award winning artist Jen Bartel (Blackbird) not only believes in that, but worked to pay it forward with a mentorship program at this year’s Flame Con, the

  • Hot Odds: A Look Into Flame Con’s Decision-Making

    Hot Odds: A Look Into Flame Con’s Decision-Making1

    There were almost eight hundred applications to exhibit at Flame Con this year, but less than 200 were selected—and they were not necessarily the exhibitors fans would expect. That’s because Flame Con, an incredibly popular LGBTQ+ fan convention run by Geeks OUT, put a lottery in place to aid the assignment of tables, a decision

  • To All The Cons We’ve Loved This Year

    To All The Cons We’ve Loved This Year0

    We all have different criteria for what makes a convention. Some people love the huge rush of large venues like SDCC. Some like quieter, smaller things. With 2018’s convention season having finally wound down, we figured it’d be a good idea to talk about which con each of us liked best, and why.

  • Con Diaries: Flame Con 2018

    Con Diaries: Flame Con 20180

    Flame Con has leveled up in its fourth year, moving to a bigger venue in Times Square from Brooklyn. The new digs provided a bigger artist alley and more space for even more queer fans, panels, and stage shows. It’s an all-ages con, and is free for the youth to attend on Sunday, so while

  • Queer Folks Write About Comics

    Queer Folks Write About Comics0

    At FlameCon this year, the Women Write About Comics cadre was well represented on the panel, “Queer Folks Write About Comics.” Scheduled in the final panel slot of the convention, QFWAC was like the dessert of the con. The panelists presented thoughtful and diverse commentary on the state of comics journalism as a practice and as

  • A Conversation with Webcomics’ Stan Stanley

    A Conversation with Webcomics’ Stan Stanley0

    Stan Stanley is one of the very first webcomic creators I ever followed as a teen, and it was a delight to discover that she was still in the webcomics game post Boy Meets Boy, tabling at the very same convention I was attending: Flame Con! We sat down together and talked about the old