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Fragments of Femininity pg 47

Fragments of Femininity: A Clichéd Look at Womanhood

Fragments of Femininity Olivier Pont (writer and artist) Europe Comics 18 January, 2017 IZNEO HAS PROVIDED WWAC WITH A VIP ACCESS PASS. What makes a woman feminine? Olivier Pont’s graphic novel, Fragments of Femininity, translated from his 2015 French graphic novel, DesSeins, aims to study the symbol of women’s femininity—their breasts—through the stories of seven women…

Apollo: The Feminine Superman

Content warning: Discussions of rape. Not many people can tell you that much about DC Comics’ Apollo. Those that do tend to know him as Midnighter’s boyfriend or husband, the second father to Midnighter’s daughter, or the Superman to his Batman. Created in 1997 by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch for Wildstorm Productions’ Stormwatch, he…