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Archie Andrews and gang dress up for Halloween in the Archie Halloween Spectacular Cover A. Written by Dan Parent. Drawn by various artists. Published by Archie Comics. 10 October, 2018

Archie Halloween Spectacular: Short on Stories and Fun

Archie Halloween Spectacular “Something is Missing!!” Dan Parent (Writer), Bill Golliher (Artist), Bob Smith (Artist), Glenn Whitmore (Colours), Jack Morelli (Letters) “They’re Creepy and They’re Kooky” Dan Parent (Writer), Jeff Shultz (Artist), Jim Amash (Artist), Glenn Whitmore (Colours), Jack Morelli (Letters) “A Bewitching Tale” Dan Parent (Writer), Bill Galvan (Artist), Jim Amash (Artist), Glenn Whitmore…

The Power Rangers unite in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #31 Cover A. Written by Marguerite Bennett and drawn by Simone Di Meo. Published by BOOM! Studios. September 26, 2018

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #31: Nostalgia, Colour and Suspense

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #31 “Beyond the Grid” Marguerite Bennett (Writer), Simone Di Meo (Artist), Alessandro Cappuccio (Artist), Walter Baiamonte (Colours), Francesco Segala (Colours), Ed Dukeshire (Letters) “The New Adventures of Blue Senturion & Ninjor” Ryan Ferrier (Writer), Bachan (Artist), Jeremy Lawson (Colours), Jim Campbell (Letters) BOOM! Studios 26 September, 2018 Lord Drakkon has destroyed…