• PUBWATCH: Valiant Efforts! August

    PUBWATCH: Valiant Efforts! August0

    It’s Valiant Efforts month two, looking back at all August’s releases as well as forwards through September, October, November…! Last month I caught you up on July’s issues; this month we published a big ol’ Valiant primer to help you get a feel for what the publisher is, was, and might be. For this Valiant

  • Dump DC, Move Past Marvel… Viva Valiant? Yes! A Primer

    Dump DC, Move Past Marvel… Viva Valiant? Yes! A Primer1

    Howdy, pals, it’s your trusty ex-Ed Claire here. What have I been doing since I left the hallowed halls of authority? Well, I’ve watched a LOT of Criminal Minds. And guess what? I also went bonkers for Valiant. Yeah! Valiant! Let’s talk about that, as my powerful heiress Nola Pfau, your WWAC managing editor, has

  • Faith and the Future Force Soared and Satisfied

    Faith and the Future Force Soared and Satisfied2

    Faith and the Future ForceIssues #1-4 Ulises Arreola (Colorist), Diego Bernard with Juan Castro (Artists), Jody Houser (Writer), Barry Kitson (Artist), Cary Nord with Brian Thies (Artists), Stephen Segovia (Artist), Dave Sharpe (Letterer) Published by Valiant July 2017 – October 2017 I’m tired of universe-wide hero team-up books. It feels like there’s a new threat to the very fabric

  • Valiant Buzz: Strap in, kids. This will be a helluva ride!0

    In this rather large round-up, we’ll be talking all sorts of happenings that happened during the months of August, September and October for Valiant Comics. Buckle in, kids! Let’s catch up. NEW FACES In the latest addition to the expanding team at Valiant Entertainment, Charlotte Greenbaum was named Associate Editor in the midst of Valiant’s

  • Valiant Buzz: A little bit of Faith and a whole lot of ICONS

    Valiant Buzz: A little bit of Faith and a whole lot of ICONS1

    With the end of July inevitably comes the end of San Diego Comic Con talk. But luckily for you, we still have some buzz up our sleeves. At SDCC, Valiant Comics unveiled their blind bag exclusives — three, individually bagged in opaque plastic, editions of their “ICONS” initiative. They include: Bloodshot: Salvation #1, Ninja-K #1, and

  • WWAC’s Favorite Big Press Comics of 2016

    WWAC’s Favorite Big Press Comics of 20162

    Southern Cross Becky Cloonan (Writer and Cover Artist), Andy Belanger and Lee Loughridge (Artists) Image Comics Southern Cross looked like something I would not like. For all of my love of things beginning with Star (Wars, Trek, etc.), I’m actually pretty afraid of space. And space stories where scary stuff happens? Certainly too frightening. Wrong! This is