• Excalibur #9: Self-Doubt in the Land of Starlight

    Excalibur #9: Self-Doubt in the Land of Starlight0

    The Excalibur team make their way to the Starlight Citadel to confront Lady Opal Luna Saturnyne as Captain Britain struggles with self-doubt in Excalibur #9.

  • Excalibur #8: Ladies, Is It Gay To Give My Friend A Warwolf Puppy?

    Excalibur #8: Ladies, Is It Gay To Give My Friend A Warwolf Puppy?0

    Hey look, I’ve graduated to a good Dawn of X title. Hopefully, my friends Kwannon, Laura, and Nate are as lucky (I have faith that they will be, even though Laura’s off the table for now). Excalibur #8 provides a story that would fit in wonderfully as a classic Excalibur tale. Excalibur should always be

  • Excalibur #7: The Warwolves Among Us

    Excalibur #7: The Warwolves Among Us0

    After bringing the first arc to a close, Excalibur #7 surges forward towards a new adventure. Tini Howard, Wilton Santos, Oren Junior, Erick Arciniega, Tom Muller, and Cory Petit take Excalibur on a wild hunt, as the team pursues a new quest for -A- with unexpectedly high stakes. The most otherworldly of the Dawn of

  • Excalibur #6: Hail to the King, Baby

    Excalibur #6: Hail to the King, Baby0

    Excalibur #6 begins with a resurrection, jumping directly into action as the story forges ahead. The X-Men meet D&D in this issue as the team returns to Otherworld on a rescue mission, and finds themselves caught up in a war for the throne they didn’t anticipate. To rescue Brian Braddock, Excalibur travels further into the

  • January Marvel Pubwatch

    January Marvel Pubwatch0

    And we’re back! The holidays got the best of me but New Year and New Comics! Let’s get right down into some news and reviews.

  • Excalibur #5 and the Gospel of Dolly Parton

    Excalibur #5 and the Gospel of Dolly Parton0

    The events of the past four issues come to a head in Excalibur #5, as the groundwork laid by the creative team comes together in explosive ways. With the long promised return of Rogue, Excalibur assembles its full team for the first time, just in time to change the status quo in a huge fashion. Excalibur has been one