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Treevenge, Screenshot

Merry Scary Christmas: Treevenge

Treevenge Directed by Jason Eisner Starring: Jonathan Torrens, Sarah E. Dunsworth, Lex Gigeroff, Molly Dunsworth, Glenn Matthews, and Kristin Slaney Yer Dead Productions 16 mins 2008 Treevenge is a short, indie film about…wait for it…it’s soooo good…THE REVENGE OF CHRISTMAS TREES! Seriously, could anything be more awesome than that? No, I don’t think so. A…

Multifarious: Welcome to the Future

Famous Avant Garde Painting Discovered…in Stuart Little’s Living Room? Discovery of famous lost pieces of art aren’t completely unknown, but you don’t exactly expect to see them in the house of a CGI mouse voiced by Michael J. Fox. A work by Hungarian avant-garde artist Róbert Berény was recently unearthed when an art historian spotted…

Lush + Gorilla Perfumes, Sandlewood Smugglers graphic novel launch party, London, November 2014, Frances Carbines

WWAC on the Town: Lush Launches Sandlewood Smugglers Graphic Novel

Gorilla Perfume, an offshoot of Lush Cosmetics, have published their first graphic novel: On the Trail of Sandalwood Smugglers – a “true tale of deceit, duplicity and decapitation.” It’s the story behind the new Smugglers’ Soul unisex perfume, which uses the sought-after ingredient sandalwood oil and whose bottle features the image of notorious sandalwood baron…

skellig michael

UNESCO Requests Report on Star Wars VII Shoot in Skellig Michael

Star Wars VII is set to shoot on a small, rocky island off the coast of Ireland, Skellig Michael. The location was chosen because of the island’s distinctive, craggy rock formations and its lush landscape. UNESCO though, is concerned that the shoot might interfere with the island’s inhabitants: birds. Skellig Michael, home to puffins, manx shearwaters,…