• Marauders #9: The Spy Inside Me

    Marauders #9: The Spy Inside Me0

    Everyone’s attention has been taken up by Kate Pryde’s death, but Marauders #9 hasn’t forgotten the stowaway riding into Krakoa on Pyro’s coattails.

  • Giant-Size X-Men #1: Jean Grey + Emma Frost: Friendship is Psychic

    Giant-Size X-Men #1: Jean Grey + Emma Frost: Friendship is Psychic0

    Mutant children at play discover the comatose body of Storm lying in a Krakoan forest. Jean Grey and Emma Frost must team up for a psychic rescue to save her in Giant-Size X-Men #1, and Wendy Browne and Kayleigh Hearn have teamed up to chat about it.

  • Marauders #8: Casualties of Peace

    Marauders #8: Casualties of Peace0

    Since issue #6, Kate Pryde has been afloat in the ocean surrounding Madripoor and I have diligently refused to believe that her death could possibly be real, despite Russell Dauterman’s cover reveal for issue #11. Marauders #8 rips away my hope and tears me apart with the raw emotions of the most powerful mutants unleashing

  • Marauders #7: Hold Your Breath

    Marauders #7: Hold Your Breath0

    The White Queen was noticeably missing from the last issue. In Marauders #7, it’s the Red Queen that’s absent, which is extremely disconcerting since the last time we saw her, she was drowning on the precipice of permanent death.

  • Marauders #5: Women’s Work Is Never Done

    Marauders #5: Women’s Work Is Never Done0

    The Hellfire Club was founded on sexism that even Emma Frost herself subscribed to in her own way, but things have changed. In Marauders #5, the Black King is trying his petty best to keep the women in their place, but the Red and White Queens have got things well under control.

  • When You Wish Upon a WWAC: A Holiday Gift Guide

    When You Wish Upon a WWAC: A Holiday Gift Guide0

    Shopping for the holidays can be a struggle, but we here at WWAC are happy to help. We have compiled a range of suggestions of gifts for the geeks in your life with extremely good taste. Existing over a wide spectrum of fandoms and sundry geekeries, our highest priced suggestion is $575, our most affordable