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Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw stand back to back

Marauders #2: Long Live the Queens

Marauders #2 Federico Blee (colorist), Russel Dauterman (cover artist), Gerry Duggan (writer), Matteo Lolli (artist), Tom Muller (design), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer) Marvel Comics November 20, 2019 Kate Pryde’s piratical romp continues, but first, some business. Emma Frost continues to be the Emma Frost I have wanted to see for so long, holding back-astral plane…

X-Men Black logo (Marvel Comics)

About Those J. Scott Campbell X-Men Black Covers – Social Media Discourse in the “Blue Age” of Comics

A week ago, I was presenting original research at the first annual Comics Studies Society Conference. My paper, “The Blue Age of Comic Books,” was about the digitization of comic books and comic book culture (you can read an early version here). [Update: you can read the full, peer-reviewed “The Blue Age of Comic Books”…