• Faith in Representation: Valiant Efforts

    Faith in Representation: Valiant Efforts1

    Editor’s note: This is the first of what we hope will be several pieces on Valiant Comics’ new(ish) heroine Faith, aka Zephyr, whose solo miniseries will begin in January 2016. Do you have a perspective on Faith, a yearning to cover her series, or an interest in discovering this heroine? Get in touch. But first:

  • Embl-O-Matic: Homegrown Cartoons on News that Bruises

    Embl-O-Matic: Homegrown Cartoons on News that Bruises0

    Introducing… Our newest feature, a semi-regular, multi-author series of cartoons and short comics by WWAC staff, Embl-O-Matic. We’ll bring you sharp editorial cartoons on the state of geek culture, feminism, and other stuff we find interesting (like pie).This first cartoon, by Claire and Megan P, is in response to various recent news items — take