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Red Sonja

Review: Red Sonja #2-6

Red Sonja Vol. 3, #2-6 Marguerite Bennett (writer), Aneke (illustrator), Aneke & Diego Galindo (illustrators #4-5), Jorge Sutil (colorist), Jorge Sutil & Morgan Hickman (colorists on #3), Erica Schultz (letterer) Dynamite 2016 Disclaimer: This review is based on advanced review copies from Dynamite. I had been anticipating Bennett’s work on Red Sonja ever since Dynamite…

Dejah Thoris #2 Frank J. Barbiere (writer), Francesco Manna (art), NEN (cover) Dynamite Comics, March 2, 2016

Review: Dejah Thoris #3

Dejah Thoris #3  Frank J. Barbiere (writer), Francesco Manna (artist), NEN (cover) Dynamite Comics, April 2016 Disclaimer: A review copy of this comic was provided by the publisher.  The dethroned princess of Helium’s journey of discovery takes many leaps and bounds to get her to her destination. We’re not getting much exposition to get us from…

Red Sonja

Review: Red Sonja Vol. 3, #1

Red Sonja #1 Marguerite Bennett (script), Aneke (art), Jorge Sutil (colors), Erica Schultz (letters), Marguerite Sauvage (main cover) Variants: Jay Anacleto, Tula Lotay, Tony Fleecs, Ming Doyle, Nicola Scott, Robert Hack Dynamite January 13, 2016 (Note: This review is based on an advanced digital copy from Dynamite and may contain spoilers.) Here it is! The…

Review: Swords of Sorrow #6

Swords of Sorrow #6 Gail Simone (script), Sergio Davila (art), Jorge Sutil (colors), Erica Schultz (letters) Tula Lotay (main cover), Emanuela Lupacchino & Ivan Nunes (cover B), Robert Hack (cover C) Dynamite October 14, 2015 Here it is! The final issue in the epic crossover event featuring the ladies of Dynamite, Swords of Sorrow. As…

Red Sonja #18, cover by Jenny Frison, Dynamite 2015

Review: Red Sonja #18

Red Sonja #18 Gail Simone (script), Walter Geovani (art), Vinicius Andrade (colors), Simon Bowland (letters) Jenny Frison (main cover), Adriana Melo (variant cover), Stephanie Buscema (subscription cover) Dynamite September 21, 2015 (Disclaimer: This review may contain spoilers and is based on an advanced review copy from Dynamite.)