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Our first podcast! Our SECOND interview with Hannah Chapman of Comic Book Slumber Party

Here at Women Write About Comics we’re unfailingly organised – mostly. Each moving through local comic connections Megan B and Claire both arranged interviews with Comic Book Slumber Party’s Hannah Chapman… and didn’t realise there was crossover until each were complete! Luckily we’re a gestalt of one thousand varied interests, and both interviews took different…

Marvel Roundtable–part two

Mary Jane, Miles, and the diversity dance in comics. Megan Purdy In part one of WWAC’s Marvel Roundtable, I talked to Skalja of @#$% Yeah, Spider-Wife!, Corrina Lawson of Geek Mom, RonchRonchRonch, and webcomic creator Indigo, about romance, mental health, and motherhood. In part two, we talk about Superior Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, and more generally,…