• Leslie Stein’s Present is an Abstract Treasure

    Leslie Stein’s Present is an Abstract Treasure0

    Present Leslie Stein (Writer and Artist) Drawn & Quarterly October, 2017 Leslie Stein’s Present has garnered the kind of praise that an artist can only dream of. “Like Kandinsky illustrating Virginia Woolf” reads a blurb by The Globe and Mail on the back of the book.  Everyone everywhere, from Paste magazine to The Comics Journal

  • Previously on Comics… Lucie Ebrey, Dwayne McDuffie

    Previously on Comics… Lucie Ebrey, Dwayne McDuffie1

    Five long years marked — young English cartoonist and illustrator Lucie Ebrey finished up her daily diary strip, with an extra-long rumination on what it’s all meant. What does it feel like saying goodbye to an avatar you’ve lived behind for five years? I don’t know, but here’s what it feels like to watch: Here's a

  • Jane Mai Is an American Hero

    Jane Mai Is an American Hero0

    Memoirists, unsurprisingly, often retell moments of their lives to extract a lesson from their experiences. It is natural to use the act of writing or talking about yourself to generate meaning, but lately I’ve been wondering if building narratives out of one’s own incomplete life can be dangerous. We all have, at one time or

  • Review: Vanessa Davis’ Spaniel Rage

    Review: Vanessa Davis’ Spaniel Rage0

    Spaniel Rage Vanessa Davis Drawn & Quarterly February 2017 Disclaimer: Spaniel Rage was reviewed using a copy provided by Drawn & Quarterly. Vanessa Davis’ Spaniel Rage mostly chronicles her one-drawing-a-day diary comics from 2003 to 2004. Now over 10 years old, these drawings are practically historical, living in a very different time where few people had