• DC PUBWATCH – February 2019

    DC PUBWATCH – February 20190

    The biggest news this month came from the annual Comics Pro conference held right before convention season kicks off. Dan DiDio was there to talk about the company’s future. Among things talked about were the rumor of a massive cutback of the publishing line, and DiDio confirmed that it was true, but the cuts have

  • 10 Reasons You Should Move to Gotham City

    10 Reasons You Should Move to Gotham City0

    In conversations about the best places in the country to live, a few usual suspects are typically mentioned: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin. But there’s a hidden gem you may not have considered–Gotham City. Yes, it’s true that Gotham’s reputation has historically been somewhat questionable. In fact, most people would rather live literally

  • Young Justice #2: Wonder Girl’s Making Her Own Way

    Young Justice #2: Wonder Girl’s Making Her Own Way0

    Young Justice #2 Brian Michael Bendis (Writer), Patrick Gleason (Artist), Emanuela Lupacchino (Artist), Ray McCarthy (Artist), Alejandro Sanchez (Colours), Josh Reed (Letters) DC Comics 6 February, 2019 Gemworld is in turmoil. The Emerald family have come to Prince Moonstone with a proposition—kill Princess Amethyst, de-facto ruler of Gemworld, and ally with Opal. Moonstone never has