• WWAC Is Moving and We Need Your Help!

    WWAC Is Moving and We Need Your Help!0

    Since it was founded in 2011 by Megan Purdy, Women Write About Comics has grown exponentially. We — a volunteer group of one hundred passionate women and non-binary writers — continue to bring fresh, varied, Eisner Award-nominated comics criticism and geek culture commentary to you. In the past year, we branched off with two new

  • Crowdfunding Comics Roundup, April ‘18

    Crowdfunding Comics Roundup, April ‘180

    It’s April! The birds are chirping, the sun has returned to us, and Kickstarter season is in full swing. This month brings us a ton of new exciting projects, from a gorgeous riso-printed exploration of mental health as a freelancer to an own-voices celebration of a Sunday morning in the Bronx. Check them out!

  • Crowdfunding Comics Roundup, March ’18

    Crowdfunding Comics Roundup, March ’180

    Lemonade Summer Gabi Mendez, Cowhouse Press Ends April 7th I’m particularly excited about Lemonade Summer, an anthology by Gabi Mendez of short stories about queer, transgender, and non-binary youth going on summer adventures and learning important things about themselves on the way. The monochromatic art is cute, the stories look adorable, and comics for queer

  • Previously On Comics: Celebrating Lives and Remembering History

    Previously On Comics: Celebrating Lives and Remembering History0

    Hello readers! Hope you had a good weekend. I don’t know what the weather’s been like where you live, but I’ve been facing a veritable roller coaster. Cold, warm, snow, warm, windy. I barely have time to get used to a weather change before it becomes something else. Thanks, global warming, thanks. But enough about

  • Kickstarter of the Week: Boston Metaphysical Society0

    • February 10, 2014

    “Before Mulder and Scully, there was Hunter and O’Sullivan.” You’ve probably seen this tagline a lot if you follow Boston Metaphysical Society’s writer Madeleine Holly-Rosing on Twitter and that’s a pretty apt description of the supernatural steampunk adventure comic. I’ve expressed my appreciation for Boston Metaphysical Society’s print comic before so I was overjoyed to

  • News & Things: It’s a terrible life. You’re a terrible life.0

    • November 19, 2013

    Kickstarter Indiegogo of the Week Rachel Halpern wants your help launching Inscription Magazine, a free, online fiction magazine for teens. They want to publish high quality YA fiction with diverse characters, by diverse authors: “It’s hard to be a teen. Young adult fiction helped a lot of us get through it. But not everyone is equally