• Failsafe: One to Keep in the Vault

    Failsafe: One to Keep in the Vault0

    I threw out an entire draft before this one. It was about 500 words and it was picking, bit by bit, at my thoughts about these comics, without ever really digging into the meat of them. The meat is this: Failsafe is a bad comic book. It’s a bad enough comic book that it angers

  • Sing a Song of Spiritus

    Sing a Song of Spiritus0

    Spiritus Tim Daniel (words & design), Michael Kennedy (art), Lauren Norby (letterer) The Vault, 2017 “This comic is like a song.” That’s something I say sometimes. I say it to mean I read this with my brain out of focus, like I saw the main strength of it with the part of my brain that processes

  • Triangulating Looks: Introducing Fashion

    Triangulating Looks: Introducing Fashion0

    Because we live life on hard mode, we naturally decided to use column #2 to dig into the most difficult to define point on our triangle: fashion. In simplest terms, we’re defining fashion as building designs from the ground up rather than duplicating or reworking real world outfits. That doesn’t mean runway versus rack, though!