• Variant Covers 101

    Variant Covers 1011

    Variant covers! Those exciting, colourful often “rare” comic book covers that we all love (to hate). But what are variant covers? Why do they exist? Why does your local comic shop not have the one by your absolute favourite artist? And what does their existence mean in the greater comic book landscape? Here’s my primer

  • Direct Currents: DC Discussion for August

    Direct Currents: DC Discussion for August0

    Welcome to Direct Currents, where Annie Blitzen and Cori McCreery will talk about the month that was for DC Comics. Since this is our first column, we thought we’d let you get to know us first. Cori has been reading DC Comics since Superman died in 1992. Her favorite characters are Supergirl and the various

  • Quick and Talky With Rick and Morty: Tini Howard on PokeJokes

    Quick and Talky With Rick and Morty: Tini Howard on PokeJokes0

    It’s almost impossible to exist on planet Earth and not have at least heard about Rick and Morty. The cartoon follows the obscure adventures of Morty, your average 14 year old dude, and his alcoholic, genius scientist grandfather Rick as they go on weird, wonderful, and sometimes morally challenging adventures through the universe–and many of

  • Thanks To Bill & Ted Save The Universe, Comics Are Fun Again

    Thanks To Bill & Ted Save The Universe, Comics Are Fun Again0

    Claire & Rosie’s Excellent Experience Bill & Ted Save the Universe #3 Boom! Studios Brian Joines (Writer), Bachan (Artist), Alex Guimaraes (Colorist), Jim Campbell (Letterer) August 16, 2017 Rosie Comics can be fucking depressing. Whether it’s the fact that the same six men each have 30 books in Previews every month and yet you can’t

  • Alien Bounty Hunter

    Alien Bounty Hunter0

    After my experience with Failsafe, I was not inclined to give Vault Comics a fair shake. It seems silly to let my read of one book affect another, but when a book like that sees print, it can cast doubt over the standards of the entire line—I feel the same way about Marvel’s continued employment

  • Image 25: Top Cow’s Matt Hawkins’ Full Trajectory

    Image 25: Top Cow’s Matt Hawkins’ Full Trajectory0

    From some guy in a line to COO of a 25-year-old publishing imprint, Matt Hawkins saw the glory days of Image, and stayed around for the aftermath. There are plenty of interviews covering the Founding Fathers of Image’s early days as masters of their new domain. The twentieth anniversary interviews Jason Sacks carried out for