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DIY Your Own Geeky Patches

Need a break from the endless announcements, exclusives and all around overwhelming onslaught that is SDCC in your every feed? Perhaps it’s time for to try a geeky DIY activity. One of my favorite extracurriculars these days is expressing my altgeek self by customizing vests, and I wanted to share this DIY I taught myself…

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Kickstarter of the Week: Vamplets

Pinks, purples and cute undead plush pets abound in the Undead Baby Dragon & Bitemares Plush from Vamplets Kickstarter. What is a Bitemare, you ask? Bitemares, are creepily cute creatures that nibble on the toes of Vamplets while they sleep to give them nightmares. Adorable! The plush toys, created by My Little Pony and Littlest…