• Sisters of Sorrow: A Rushed Yet Poignant Mini Series

    Sisters of Sorrow: A Rushed Yet Poignant Mini Series0

    Kurt Sutter’s Sisters of Sorrow Kurt Sutter, Courtney Alameda (Writers), Hyeonjin Kim (Artist), Jean-Paul Csuka (Colours), Jim Campbell (Letters) July 1, 2017 Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter’s comic book miniseries, Sisters of Sorrow, has come to a close with a quiet, yet powerful message. Co-written with horror/science-fiction author Courtney Alameda, the first issue of

  • BOOM! Bar: Rangers, Revenge, Regret

    BOOM! Bar: Rangers, Revenge, Regret0

    Hi-Fi Fight Club (BOOM! Box) develops its sweet and fresh central girl/girl romance, and starts to open up some of the secrets under the record shop. I don’t know how this story is gonna wrap up in only four issues, but it’s a very pretty book with an affirmational, welcoming perspective. We’ve got a longer feature