• Trading Outpost: Genre/Gender/Generic

    Trading Outpost: Genre/Gender/Generic0

    Hello! And welcome back to another of The Trades, the world’s only comic podcast by people who don’t know anything about pen nibs. This month, we swear off literacy in order to better live out deconstructionism. Also, Aaron reads award nominated comics, while Webtoons is taking over my life, and I don’t know how to

  • Trading Outpost: Growing Up Is Hard To Do

    Trading Outpost: Growing Up Is Hard To Do0

    Hello and welcome back to Trading Outpost, with me, FST, co-host with the co-most of The Trades, a comics podcast for people who like comics and podcasts. The other half of The Trades is Aaron, who can’t write here, because Aaron’s a dude. You can find the previous installment on WWAC here, and you can