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Take the Panels Challenge: Read More Comics!

The start of every year brings resolutions and promises of self-improvement. Some have become cliched endeavors into fitness, money management, and renewed education. For those rare individuals who can stick to these plans, I applaud you! Some of us need a little more encouragement, or community support. That’s where online challenges come in. Panels’ Chris…

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Help Batman Artist Norm Breyfogle!

Well-known Batman artist Norm Breyfogle suffered a stroke over this holiday season, leaving the left handed artist paralyzed on the left side. His savings have already dwindled thanks to a week in the intensive care unit, and the upcoming months of extended care in a nursing facility will be costly. His sister-in-law and brother have…

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The DC Daily Planet: Recap Episode

Happy 2015, crusaders! Are you excited about the new year? Have any resolutions? I have a bunch, and several of them involve both more writing and more comics. I suspect this overlaps with many of you. Let’s take a moment to glance back through the last year, shall we? 2014 was the Year of the…